Landing pages are the actual HTML pages users will see when they click the phishing links they receive.

Landing pages support templating, capturing credentials, and redirecting users to another website after they submit their credentials.

Creating a Landing Page

To create a landing page, click on the "Landing Pages" entry in the sidebar and click the "New Page" button.

Importing a Site From a URL

To import a site, click the "Import Site" button. After entering the URL and clicking "Import", you should see the HTML of the URL populated into the editor.

Capturing Credentials

To easily capture credentials from the landing page, simply select the checkbox that says "Capture Submitted Data".

Redirect To

If there is a form on the landing page and a user enters their details, they'll be redirected to the landing page in this field. Our pre-built landing pages redirect to You can use this page, create your own or leave the field blank to do nothing.