EveryCloud envisage the completion of the  HTML5 Control Panel in Dec 2018. We are currently working on importing archive data into the new control panel. Also there are a number of bug fixes to the workspace logs before it is ready for launch. 

To login into the beta version of the HTML5 Control Panel , a Control Panel user in form of a valid email address is required. Any domain or partner access previously used will no longer be able to login to the new panel. There are some advantages by no longer using one shared login as a partner account:

  • You no longer need to share a password, if there is more than one admin within your company
  • If an employee leaves the company, you no longer are required to change the password of the account

For a user to be able to login to the HTML5 Control Panel, the user will already have to exist within the Control Panel and must have a valid password. For detailed information on setting up users in the old flash panel, please see http://support.everycloudtech.com/support/solutions/articles/4000082537-customized-user-permissions-.

If you want to extend the permissions of single users, you can do so via “Management > Settings > Rights management”. 

We don’t recommend using a dedicated, shared account as a general domain account, since that would require sharing the password within the company. We rather recommend setting up an appropriate permission group where you can add specific users to. To set an appropriate permission group, follow these steps:

  • Login to the old Control Panel and switch to “Management > Settings > Rights management”
  • Create a “New Role” and assign the appropriate rights to the new role for it to work on a domain/partner level
  • Switch to “Advanced Settings”
  • Set the appropriate user:
  • Fill in the user
  • Choose the appropriate authorization level (domain or partner level)
  • Choose the appropriate role, previously created
  • Click on the plus sign
  • Save the change

Important Information regarding current limitations: 

        1. Should you create a new Control Panel user, then please keep on mind that you won't be able to log in with the new user straight away. Due to the data base, any change done through the flash interface will be synced over-night to             the HTML5 panel.

        2. For some newly added filtering accounts, The mail logs are only showing rejected messages.