White label spam reports (Partner/Reseller account only)

Navigate to the 'Management' tab and click your partner name, you will see the 'Templates' tab to the left.

Click on the 'Templates' tab and you can then click on the 'New' button to add a new - > email template -> spam report -> your language. (A default spam report will be applied to the 'Templates' section.

Please ask EveryCloud support to provide you with a copy of EveryCloud's spam report source code and we will place an example report within your templates section

If you double click on the template writting, a box will appear with HTML and script.

This is EveryClouds default script so you can have a look and alter as much as you'd like. Keep a back up of the original code for change management.

You can alter the code and then save (add your own logo link) etc

Once youve done that, if you go to a customers primary domain and navigate to the 'Spam reports' tab you can apply your new spam report.

Depress the 'Save' button