EveryCloud Technologies Endpoint protection uses the Windows MSI (previously Microsoft Installer) on windows operating systems to install the correct drivers for the product.

Sometimes the MSI can experience issues adopting and unpacking the correct drivers, which will naturally cause installation/uninstall issues. 

After removing all remnants of the Endpoint product from your machine, using the attached executable. Please try to re-create the issue by attempting to re-install our product. 

We will then need you to run our support capture tool (also attached) if the installation fails. Please run our software and a capture log will be saved to your desktop. Please raise a case with support@everycloudtech.com and attach the support tool capture logs for analysis.

We will analyse the logs and inform you if the issue is Microsoft installer related. If the issue is MSI related we will of course still be happy to help. 

In order to troubleshoot the MSI fault we will need you additional logging data from the MSI itself.

  • Please save our MSI debugging tool here to your machine
  • Double click install_debug.reg (this creates a new registry key, instructing the MSI to run in debug mode)
  • Before you begin, it would be very useful if you could delete any other MSI logs that might be present in the %TEMP% folder (To access the TEMP folder, simply open windows explorer and type %TEMP into the address bar. Windows 7 and 8: Simply hold down the windows+R buttons and type %TEMP% into the run command box.




  • Begin the installation or uninstallation of the Endpoint product again (depends on issue)
  • After the wizard rolls back or the error is encountered, please navigate to the %TEMP% folder and collect the newest install log that matches the wildcard MSI*.log
  • You will then need to send the log into support@everycloudtech.com as a response to your open case
  • We will analyse the logs and respond to you as soon as we are able to provide you with the appropriate information