Currently the black listing of emails marks the black listed email as spam and these emails are then shown in the spam report. If you would like to completely reject these emails this must be done using the Compliance Filter.

To black list an email there are 2 options. 

Option 1 from the Control Panel 

First find the offending email and check the box on the far left of it

Once selected go to the drop down box in the user options field and choose blacklist sender

Once selected press the preform action button and you will get a deceleration letting you know if listing was successful or if it failed. 

Option 2 using the Outlook Plugin

The Outlook Plugin is available for Windows clients running Outlook 2010 or higher, and can be downloaded and installed from here:

In Outlook, select the message(s) that need to be added to the blacklist and click the Blacklist button:

Click 'Yes' to add the sender email address(es) to your blacklist:

A notification will appear to indicate that the entries have been added:

Once an item has been added to the black list it will now show up in your Spam Report as Spam with Reason User Blacklist or if on the admin black list will say customer-bl

If you want to check your black list you can see it in the Control Panel: 

If you want to remove the Black listed items from the Quarantine report you need to change the default template from EveryCloud Tech: End User Spam Report to EveryCloud Tech: Spam Report (No blacklist)

If you want to reject emails rather than have them tagged as spam you need to create a compliance filter rule for the sender.