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Do you have control panel questions but were too afraid to ask ? Feel free to post your questions and we'll answer them as soon as we can !

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Why can't we turn auto reject off?

Hi Arvis,

Can you give me a little more information so I understand what you mean?

I will be awaiting your reply.

Hi, what does the "deputy" do?  I assume it means the user listed as Deputy can view the Control for the User account with their own login?



Don't worry, I found the answer in the manual

3.6.7 Setting a deputy during your absence

Users can specify a person to act as deputy during their period of absence from the office. Once this is activated, the deputy will also see the emails of the absent person in the esults field of the email search and email archive. Until the deputy setting is deactivated again, the deputy has all options available to work on the absent person’s  emails  (spam  handling, blacklisting, whitelisting etc.).

2015-06-11 11_37_00-Control Panel You can also select several representatives. These  representatives must already exist in the control panel. You can then click them in the drop-down menu and choose the “Add” pushbutton to add them to the list of representatives.

What happens when you cut the attachment and send to the receiver?  Can they go in an release the attachment if it is good?image

What happens when you cut the attachment on forbidden attachments?   Is the attachment gone forever or can you still go in and release it?  Sorry if htis repeated, I was not sure if it went through the first time.

Hi Mary,

Thanks for your query :)

Our Content filter scans for message size, attachment content, and attachment filetype. By default when our Content Filter is triggered by an inbound attachment, it is stripped from the original message (which then goes to the original recipient, with an addendum at the bottom explaining the message had an attachment but was quarantined).

Normal users cannot release virus and content-quarantined content in the Control Panel but they can be released by your administrator upon request.

If you have any further technical queries about the service please feel free to send them in to Have a good day!

We have it configured to block it, which they can ask for it to be delivered from their report that is emailed to them, or log into their account and release it form there.  However, they are not informed immediately of the blocked email and sometimes need this sooner.  If I set it up to cut the attachment, then they get the email and can notify me to release it?  Is this correct?

Also, if these email addresses with blocked content are whitelisted, will they still be blocked?

Hi Mary,

Thanks for following up with me, apologies for the late reply!

Yes if you set the Content Filter to strip attachment and inform recipient, we will only strip the attachment of the message and leave it available in the Control Panel for release by an admin.

The recipient gets the original message immediately with an addendum at the bottom "this message had an attachment but was removed due to your Content Filter policy".

Please be advised if you do this you will also want to turn off content quarantine logs in the Spam report as they will no longer be displayed.

If you have any further technical queries about the service please feel free to send them in to Have a good day!

Please can you enable users to view spam emails in quarantine before releasing the email, this is very helpful.

Is this included in the new Control Panel HTML5 version coming in July ?

Thanks Galin

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How do I get out of this service?

When can we expect a non flash based control panel?

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