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EveryCloud Hosted mailbox details 



EveryCloud's hosted mailboxes are Webmail mailboxes:  this means that they are accessible via the IMAP and POP protocol. They are not MAPI mailboxes (Full Exchange Pro mailboxes with calendar functionality) so they are not compatible with ActiveSync although you can configure any mobile device using the IMAP or POP protocol.

Max mailbox size : 10 GB or 100 K after the max mailbox size has been reached , no further mail will be inserted into the mailbox and therefore mail will be rejected

Mailbox Access

  • Webmail interface: : logging in with email address and password
  • Mail client configuration: authenticating with email address and password

Mail client inbound configuration: receiving


IMAP protocol: Port 143: 

POP protocol:  Port 110:  

Mail client outbound configuration: sending


SMTP protocol: Port 25:
SMTP protocol: Alternative Port for US customers 587:



A single email is constraint to a maximum of 35 additional recipients either CC'ed or BCC'ed. This limitation is not 
adjustable and is consciously applied in order to preserve the intergrity of our IP reputation and the continuity of service to all hosted Mail box customers.

EveryCloud hosted Mailbox sample walk through