Automated Activation (If you have subscribed to the service)

  • The continuity service can only be subscribed to for all users at your domain/domains and not individual users.
  • The continuity service must be subscribed to for a minimum service interval of 12 months 
  • The continuity service will not function retrospectively if you decide to activate once already in a DR event


The continuity service is a fully automated service, which initiates dynamically when our system observes that your destination mail server provides EveryCloud's servers with a temporary SMTP fault response code. (SMTP 400 error)

Temporary SMTP fault response can be provide by your mail server for a multitude of reasons.

Examples: This list is not exhaustive.

  1. Internet down time
  2. Server overload
  3. Server mail database corruption
  4. Firewall interference
  5. DR situation

How it works

Once our service receives the temporary SMTP mail delivery fault, our system will then redirect mail to the continuity platform for each of your control panel registered users.  Inbound email for non-existent users can not be sent to the continuity platform, so it is essential that all users are imported into the control panel, well in advance of any possible DR event.

Important continuity prerequisites 

In order for users to log into their continuity mailboxes, users must have logged into the control panel at https://control.everycloudtech.com/ and have been allocated a password; the password will then sync to the continuity platform; a short synchronisation delay may occur.

If users have not prior to the event been allocated a password and / or not set to active and require continuity mailbox access:

  1. Go to 'Management' Tab
  2. Expand your customer section 
  3. Expand the users section
  4. Click on a user 
  5. Allocate a password, Activate and depress 'Save'

If users are utilising LDAP AD password sync, users must have logged into the control panel prior to a DR event occurring as your customers infrastructure may not respond and verify your users AD passwords whilst not available and passwords will lot be synced to the Webmail platform. 

User Login

Users may login to the continuity platform with there normal email addresses and EveryCloud's passwords at https://webmail.everycloudtech.com/  and send and receive emails directly via the Webmail platform as if it were business as usual. Recipients will still see your domain address as the sending address.

Additional features
  1. As a default setting, as soon as the continuity service has been subscribed to, you will be entitled to a rolling 90 day inbound and outbound email archive, accessible from within the control panel email archive section/tab from which you may release and re-release any emails at your leisure even during a DR event as the released emails will be redirected to the Web mail continuity mailboxes. The service will not automatically transmit your 90 day rolling email archive to the continuity mailboxes
  2. Once your mail server becomes reachable and does not present any more temporary mail server faults, our system will re-deliver any email that any users have sent or received back from the continuity service to your mail server. Email that have been sent during the outage from the POP/IMAP mailboxes will be sent back to your mailserver with the appended subject line (CS-SENT) continuity sent.
  3. Users may access the continuity platform through any Web browser
  4. Continuity mailboxes may also be accessed via mail client sync using these details.

Authenticate with your registered control panel email address and your registered control panel user password 


Mail client setup/Mobile device set up

Please use only the specified Ports.




imap.everycloudtech.com    or   pop.everycloudtech.com

IMAP port:143                            POP port:110





SMTP Port: 25 or Port 587 


The mailboxes are POP mailboxes sometimes referred to by competitors as web mailboxes: this means that they are accessible via the IMAP and POP protocol. They are not MAPI mailboxes (Full Exchange Pro mailboxes with calendar functionality) so they are not compatible with ActiveSync although you can set up with any mobile device using IMAP