When you purchase and activate EveryCloud Technologies email archiving service, we will archive all inbound and outbound email ,that passes through our system for you by default.

If you also require that email resolved internally by your mail server,  also be archived by EveryCloud Technologies you will need to construct a journaling rule and journal internally resolved email to a customer specific, unique email address, which we will provide you with.

You should not set up a separate send connector, your send connector should remain as and your journaling rule must send your internally resolved emails outbound through the same send connector as your mail:

Your journaling address will not be externally resolvable

Before we can provide you with your unique journaling address we will need the following from you.

  1. Your TLD (Top level doman name) as depicted in the control panel at  under the 'Management' tab

Once you have provided our support team with the details as descibed in (1) , our support team will supply you with your customer specific journaling address.


Please do not attempt to journal your internal emails externaly via DNS, you must send your internally resolved emails via a journaling rule, outbound through our smarthost: as your unique journaling address is not externally resolvable.